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d c●hampion and Olympi●c silver medalist○ who plays for Gua〓ngdong.In ■the 42-minute match,◆ Lu led the first ga〓me 4-0 before X◆ie managed to cut th〓e defic

it and level〓ed the score at 12■-12. When trailing〓 20-16, Xi■e saved three● game points befo●re losing the game2●1-19. In th■e second set, L●u led all the wa〓y and never loo〓ked back to s■ecure a com■fortable win 2●1-9.Athens O■


lympic Champion Y■ang Wei paired u●p with young shu◆ttler Zhong Qianxi〓n, ranked ◆68th in the ●world, and pu●lled one point ba■ck for Guangdo●ng as t

hey beat Tan〓g Jinhua and Tan ●Wen 21-18, 21〓-12 in the wom○en's doubl●es match.In the f〓ollowing singl◆es match, ○Wang Shixia●n, winner of■ last month's 〓China Masters tourn〓ament, overca○me Xia Jingyun 19-21◆, 21-13, 21-●17 to put Ji

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